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At Caliber Tree Experts, LLC, we’re committed to taking care of your trees all year round. From tree trimming to cutting, we can back you up!

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Get a High-Quality Tree Service in Clearwater, FL

If you’re looking for an all-in-one tree service, Caliber Tree Experts, LLC is the way to go.

Trees are like people; they need to be cared for and nurtured to grow and thrive. Like people, trees need different things: water, food, and love. However, all these maintenance needs require time, energy, and special equipment. Fortunately, our Caliber Tree Experts, LLC experts, can offer you all that.

We’re a tree service company that serves homeowners and businesses in and near Clearwater, FL. Our mission is to prevent common issues before they become severe enough to threaten the tree’s survival. Some of them include pest infestations, diseases, drought, and more. You can trust us to do all the pruning and trimming they need to prevent them from blocking sunlight from other plants in your yard or driveway. Count on us to keep them healthy for many years to come!

Our Full Range of Services

Trees are an integral part of your property. They add beauty, shade, and value to your property. But they also require regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to thrive. We’re here to assist you with that.

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Tree Trimming

Our team can do all the trimming your branches need to prevent sunlight block from and remove dead or diseased branches that could fall on someone.

worker removing some trees from a patio

Tree Removal

We pride ourselves on removing trees of all sizes and species, from small trees like ornamental shrubs and ground cover plants to larger trees like maples, oaks, and pines.

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Natural Disaster

If you have a tree posing a threat to your property, we can remove it in a go. Our team follows safety guidelines and uses proper gear to complete the job.

What We Do

Making Your Trees Our Priority Is Our Core Business

You’ve worked hard to make your yard beautiful. You’ve planted trees, added a fence, and installed a sprinkler system to keep your lawn looking lush and green. But how do you keep those trees looking their best?

When you hire us for tree services, we’ll come out and assess the health of your trees. We are trained arborists who can provide expert advice on how to maintain the health of your trees from year to year. Our goal is to help you protect your investment in your yard by keeping it healthy and beautiful for years to come.

We offer professional tree trimming services to help keep branches from breaking off during storms or high winds. We also offer emergency services if a storm or hurricane severely damaged your backyard. If there are dead branches or diseased areas needing removal, we can take care of those too!

To schedule an appointment with our tree service experts, give us a call. We take great pride in serving our community near Clearwater, FL, and we can’t wait to make you part of our family. Extending your trees’ lifespan is just one click away.

Trusted Business

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What Our Clients Are Saying


Margo R.

We initially called Caliber Tree Experts to trim some oaks for us. Jamie and his crew arrived right on time and were courteous and respectful of our property and our concerns regarding the trees. Jamie explained what needed to be done to insure both a healthy and aesthetically pleasing result. They carefully trimmed and pruned our trees and then proceeded to clean up every twig and leaf. The only evidence that they had even been there were the beautifully manicured oaks. We were so pleased we had them back to remove an old, diseased jacaranda. Once again they provided exceptional service and left our property absolutely spotless. I can not recommend Caliber Tree Experts highly enough! They care about their customers and the trees. Call them, you won’t be sorry!



Loleen G.

Jamie is very informative and fair. always keeps in touch and sticks to his schedule. I’ve used his services more than once and I recommend!



Jami J.

Needed a tree trimming service and Caliber exceeded our expectations. A year prior we had a different tree trimming project. The other companybrought 7 guys, took 2 days and did a very poor job of clean up. Not good enough. For our 2nd project we hired Caliber. Jamie and his partner (crew of 2) did the job in just half a day and cleaned up better than the other crew of 7. Jamie was very conscientious about our property and working around the trees and plants we wanted to keep. Jamie is responsive, reliable, and has excellent customer service skills. We are definitely hiring Caliber again!



Balazs S.

Jamie responded first for my request (on a weekend) and quickly came to my house and secured the work (taking a tree out). Later I got offers for less, but I already had him contracted and the work organized. He managed to schedule the work quickly and execute only with a little bit of a delay (due to his stump grinder being non-operational). Overall, I was very satisfied with the experience, everything was done in less than one week in total.



Matthew V.

Did work for a friend of mine and wben I saw the tree and heard the price I knew I had to have Jamie come and do some work at my house. Very reasonably priced and fast great work. I’ve recommend Caliber to all my friends and neighbors.



Krystie G.

I am very pleased with both the work and customer service of Caliber Tree Experts LLC – HIGHLY recommend them!!!They are very professional, friendly, and reasonably priced, EXCEPTIONAL overall. Jamie came out quickly to provide me with a quote for the job. He was upfront and quickly got the job scheduled. I had some tricky limbs hanging over my house and they took them down without any issues. They did a super job of taking care of our trees, stumps, roots and cleaned everything up at the end. My neighbors came over and requested a quote and had them clean up a tree and do a stump removal same day.I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again and would 100% recommend them for all tree services!



Shannon T.

An oak tree split and was falling in the front yard that needed to be addressed. Caliber provided an great estimate which was promptly accepted. They were out the next day. Caliber’s crew of men performed the work a well coordinated, safe, and efficient manner using the proper equipment and skilled approach. The result was excellent, including the cleanup. Each crew member was a skilled and knowledgeable. I have had a very good experience will Caliber’s service.



Jim R.

Jamie did a wonderful job trimming our oak tree. He was on time comminicated well and was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him.



Roger N.

Wonderful tree service. Jaimie and the crew did a very professional job of trimming the large oak, at the best price of all the estimates. I highly recommend this Co. for all the tree services you need. I already recommended them to 2 of my friends and they loved them.



Ray M.

had a tree split at base and half was threatening to fall on house.called in morning and response was immediate. set up appointmentwithin hours and quote was established. they did exactly what they said.tree was removed and complete cleanup. stayed till job was complete.very happy with company. will definitely use again.



Ciarrai L.

The Caliber Tree Expert team have been WONDERFUL! I had 4 trees on our property that were very ill and unfortunately past the point of return. The team arrived and walked me through each tree and what needed to happen with each one – most of the trees just needed to be trimmed correctly to keep them healthy and growing strong. The team took tip top care of the precarious electrical lines and getting the trees taken down safely and responsibly. I have already referred Caliber to several friends as they do much more than just this project. I have felt like they are part of our family from the care they took with our property, our beloved trees and the level of communication from the start. Thank you Caliber Team!!!! YOU ARE FABULOUS!



Melissa P.

Excellent and reliable company. Took down massive tree in front yard and did a full yard clean out in the backyard. The whole crew was very respectful. Jamie walked me threw to explain everything that was happening and even things that I was unaware of he was able to bring to my attention. Very knowledgeable company. Would recommend to anyone!


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